The NASPO Pricing Schedule (cost per student) is provided below. 

If you are not a NASPO affiliate, please contact us about pricing information. 

Live Training:

Live training is available for groups of 12 or more. 

Pre-Recorded Training:

Pre-recorded training is available for individuals or groups of all sizes. 

These prices cover:

  • Training instructor salary and fees
  • Cost of exams (as applicable)
  • Production and preparation of reports


Minor customization can be completed without additional charges to the on-site instructor led training. Customization of eLearning modules will result in additional developmental costs. When more extensive customization is needed, or changes are required to eLearning module, pricing will be negotiated separately once the requirements have been developed and approved by all parties. Calyptus charges $128 per hour for customized course development.

Train the Trainer

Calyptus offers Train the Trainer instruction and certification. Course materials can be purchased from Calyptus or Calyptus can provide a license for the Participating Entity to reproduce the materials.

Discount Structure

A 5% discount will be provided when annual sales volume exceeds $100,000. An additional 5% discount will apply when annual sales volume exceeds $200,000.

A discount of 2% will apply if the invoice payment is received within 10 days of the invoice date

Other Details

  • Access will be provided to on-line courses for a minimum of 120 days after registration
  •  All courses include a course assessment, reviewing the learning outcomes of participants and instructor/course evaluation
  •  Calyptus allows access to its full library of courses with a full subscription license, or courses can be accessed on a course-by-course basis.
  • Participating Entities have the option of printing and distributing materials for their own purposes at their own expense. If a Participating Entity requires hard copy materials for a specific course delivery the Contractor will print and ship hard copy materials without a mark up to the Participating Entity
  • Participating Entities may put their brand on course materials only by specific agreement with Calyptus.


We have a 30 day cancellation policies for our live course. Further terms and conditions will be provided with our price quote.