Calyptus Course Delivery Methods


Classroom Training

  • Over 130 off-the-shelf training programs can be tailored to your needs. 
  • highly interactive and hands-on
  • Case studies and examples allow participants to apply the knowledge gained, practice new skills and receive feedback.
  • Allows in-depth discussion of participant questions and cases.  

Pre-recorded Online Courses

  • Core-curriculum of online courses covering the fundamentals of acquisition, supply management, procurement and supply chain
  •  Learners are engaged with interactive elements, voice, animation and quizzes
  •  Cost-effective, flexible way to satisfy training requirements
  • Available online, accessible through tablets and smart phones at a time convenient with the participant


Live Online Courses 

  • Online courses can be provided on any course topic
  • Content can be tailored to customer needs
  • Enables direct interaction with instructor
  • Participants' questions can be addressed
  • Minimal disruption to participants' schedule. No travel required.


  • Our tried and tested development approach provides tailored needs of individuals and teams
  • Calyptus works closely with you to gather agency requirements, design a curriculum and develop course materials. 
  • Can involve development of existing courses, or completely new approaches.